Tooth-Colored Fillings

Are you one of the fortunate people who can say, “I have never had a cavity”? If so, we applaud your commitment to excellent oral health habits! But keep in mind – even if you are doing everything right with your oral health, you may still develop cavities.

Dr. Abramowski and his team have devoted themselves to staying current with the latest dental advances to provide our patients with the highest quality materials and technology available. Now we can incorporate state-of-the-art materials like tooth-colored fillings to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Dental Fillings for Healthy Teeth 

A filling is necessary when decay attacks healthy tooth structure and creates a cavity. Of course, cavities do not typically stay the same size. Without a dental filling, the cavity grows and continues to eat away at your tooth. The longer these harmful bacteria remain, the more damage they cause. Without treatment, the decay will continue to spread, leading to toothaches and possible infection.

One big problem with tooth decay is that you may already have a cavity and not realize it. In most cases, you will not feel anything unusual until decay penetrates the innermost portion of your tooth. At this point, decay starts to spread more rapidly, doing the most serious damage. 

It’s easy to see how routine preventive treatments like exams and cleanings are essential for maintaining good oral health. When we can identify and treat decay when it is still minor, we have the best opportunity to stop the damage and restore your healthy smile. A filling may also be the best treatment for teeth that are cracked or show excessive wear.

We Offer Treatment Options That Fit Your Needs

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Today we have access to a variety of updated materials like tooth-colored fillings. You may also hear them referred to as composite fillings or just composites. Tooth-colored composite fillings are not just durable and healthy; they also improve your appearance. 

Tooth-colored composite filling material can be mixed to closely match the natural shade of your teeth. Since the repair is virtually undetectable, tooth-colored fillings are perfect for filling teeth that show when you smile. The natural beauty of tooth-colored fillings make them a good choice for repairing certain cosmetic dental problems like chipped or broken teeth. Composite fillings are good for your teeth, too, because the material is bonded directly to the tooth structure, creating a strong filling that does not require us to remove a lot of your natural tooth.

Amalgam (Silver) Fillings

Durable amalgam fillings have been widely used for over a century. They are strong and durable, and a well-placed amalgam filling can last a long time. Their strength and durability are an excellent choice for back teeth (molars) that withstand a lot of chewing force. We also use amalgam fillings primarily on back teeth for esthetic reasons.

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