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Financial Info

We want to do everything we can to make it easy for you to receive outstanding dental care. When you are looking for information about covering the cost of your treatment, please contact us. A friendly member of our team will be happy to answer all your questions about financing and insurance.


At Southside Dental Center, we will do everything possible to maximize your insurance benefits. Understanding the specifics of your insurance can be a little overwhelming, but we are here to help. We encourage you to call us anytime you have questions about your coverage.

At this time, we work with the following insurance companies. However, this list is always being updated, so please give us a call if you do not see your insurance listed here.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Preferred One

Payment Options

At Southside Dental Center, we strive to deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. Therefore, payment is due at the time service is rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance. In addition to CareCredit interest-free financing, we're also pleased to accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


If you don’t have insurance or are interested in making the cost of your dental treatment more affordable, CareCredit is an option to consider. CareCredit allows you the flexibility of breaking down your total due into easy monthly payments. Best of all, as long as you pay the balance within the agreed promotional period, you won’t be charged any interest. Applying for CareCredit is easy, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you, or you can apply online at the CareCredit website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day have been proven to help prevent cavities and keep gums healthy. Make sure you are using a soft bristle toothbrush or an electric toothbrush and using a gentle brushing motion. Early detection of areas you are missing is also key. Visiting our office for two professional cleanings a year allows us to help you avoid major problems by catching smaller ones first.

Maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule will help minimize the need to make an “emergency” visit due to a large cavity going unnoticed. To schedule an appointment, contact us.

Twice daily brushing is good for removing plague and food from certain areas of your teeth. But flossing allows you to get between other areas that brushing may miss. Flossing will also help prevent the formation of tartar, which can cause gum disease, bad breath and the harboring of millions of bacteria.

If you have trouble flossing or are unsure of the proper technique, the team at Southside Dental Center is happy to demonstrate and provide tips to ensure you are keeping everything as clean as possible. Give us a call at (763) 703-2367 to learn more.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many types of food and water. Naturally occurring fluoride is found in vegetables like spinach, canned fish and milk. It is also added to your tap water. If you do not have fluoridated tap water, supplements are available as well. Fluoride works to strengthen your tooth enamel and can prevent the development of cavities in both children and adults.

Talk to your hygienist to determine if you are getting enough fluoride in your diet or if additional fluoride treatments would be beneficial. To learn more, call us at (763) 295-5400.

Make it a fun activity! Brushing and flossing is a lifelong habit that should be started very early in your child’s life. Be enthusiastic and brush your teeth with them to give them encouragement. Your children want to be like you and will mimic your excellent habits. 

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