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What should I do if I have a tooth causing me pain?

A toothache that won’t go away is telling you that something serious is developing and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. As you probably know, toothaches never just go away by themselves. If you want to avoid continued discomfort and the potential for more serious problems, please call us right away.

We don’t want you to suffer any longer than necessary so we always leave time in our day for our patients who need immediate relief. Please call our office and we’ll make arrangements to see you as soon as possible, usually the same day.

At Southside Dental Center, we’re here to help you when a problem arises, but we’d obviously prefer that you never reach that point. We are firmly committed to ensuring that you always enjoy the best possible health. The way we do this is by strongly encouraging you to stay current with your basic dental care. Schedule appointments in advance for exams and cleanings, then do your best to keep the appointment.

Not everyone loves dental visits. The one appointment you miss, however, may be the one where we might have found a potential problem developing. Identifying and correcting these problems as soon as possible can go a long way toward preventing you from ever developing a toothache

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